Rafid uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track intruders attempting to compromise your location. It is discreet and therefore ideal for proximity detection of

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RLS2020 Redscan

Redscan RLS-2020

The RLS2020 is a laser scan detector that provides accurate motion detection in terms of size, speed and distance of objects within the detection area.

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Roof detection

This system is activated due to pressure differences arise when there is one person runs over it. The detection mat consists of one ready made foil that is on it existing

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Datalog 5

Datalog 5 is a modular software suite that operates as a single or multi user graphical user interface, providing local and remote site monitoring and control

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Wall protection

Impactor is a cost-effective intrusion detection system, designed specifically to respond to attacks on the walls of warehouses, storerooms, vaults and similar goods storage facilities.

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Video content analysis

Video Content Analysis (VCA) offers alarm detection and verification via camera footage in one package. The intelligent software of the VCA system analyses the images

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