Buried detection systems – Sisma CA

Sisma MCA is a buried detection system for appliocations in concrete and cement surfaces. The Sisma MCA, patented by DEA Security is particulary suitable for anti-intrusion protection of strategic areas, such as entrances, windows, terasses, walls, the carriage and pedestrian ways.

The system is composed of special pressure detectors inexhaustible and any mechanical stress resistant, connected to advanced electronic boards. The sensor is a monolithic pressure detector, made of plastic material. Since it has been designed to resist pressures of tons, and even if when positioned at 10cm depth in the concrete, the system is able to perceive even the lightest step. The sensors, which are completely invisible, cannot be sabotaged since they are inserted in the concrete.

  • Free of maintanance.
  • For burried detection in concrete- or cement surfaces.
  • Also for smaller perimeters.
  • Invisible detection system.

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