Passive infrared detection – ADPRO PRO

The ADPRO PRO Series are highly sensitive, standalone passive infra-red detectors designed for outdoor protection that will detect human targets up to 150 metres away (depending on the model) by sensing temperature differences between them and the background. Due to the passive operation of the unit, the area being protected cannot be identified by the intruder, and the detectors are reliable in difficult conditions including low visibility, rain, snow or fog.

At the top end of the range is the PRO 250A, a premium performance detector for high security perimeter applications, providing high-performance digital signal processing, a small dead zone, and silicon window for long-life operation in harsh environments. The military-spec performance of the PRO 250A has been cascaded down through the development of the ‘smaller’ detectors for use in the commercial environment, such as the PRO18 range, that provides volumetric coverage rather than the traditional curtain and perimeter protection.

Common to all models is the ability to adjust sensitivity to suit conditions, and adaptive threshold circuitry that reduces the number of false (or nuisance) alarms caused by moving vegetation, small animals and sudden environmental changes. All detectors are contained within a weather-proof housing and protected against dust and moisture to ensure reliable operation even in the harshest conditions.

A optional thermostatically controlled heater maintains a consistent internal temperature to provide the optimum in detection sensitivity and ensuring reliable operation even under harsh weather conditions. High performance variants are available for use in the most extreme environments, ie intense heat or cold, where the highest performance and detection capabilities are paramount.

  • Especially designed for outdoor passive infrared detection.
  • Very wide range of detectors in many different ranges.
  • Suitable for almost any application.
  • Low maintanance and power consumption.

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