Video content analysis

Video Content Analysis (VCA) offers alarm detection and verification via camera footage in one package. The intelligent software of the VCA system analyses the images registered on camera. When the system observes specific movements, it automatically generates an alarm. The major advantage of VCA over contemporary detection systems is that alarms can be immediately verified by looking at the recorded video. The camera can also be configured to zoom in on objects. This enables rapid and targeted follow-up whilst avoiding unnecessary action in the event of a false alarm.

Expandable with other products?

Various add-ons are available for VCA.
When combined with a video transmission system, remote control, for example from an incident room, is possible. The system can also be integrated with other products, such as a passive infrared system with which the detection possibilities can be further refined.

Wide product range

Topguard supplies various VCA systems ranging from the most advanced systems for high-risk applications to modern plug & play systems for business and private use.

  • Detection and verification in one package
  • Permanent video feed monitoring and analysis
  • Remote control option
  • Integration with other systems possible
  • Products ranging from state-of-the-art design to plug & play

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