Wall protection

Impactor is a cost-effective intrusion detection system, designed specifically to respond to attacks on the walls of warehouses, storerooms, vaults and similar goods storage facilities. Vibrations caused by attacks, such as hammering, ram-raiding and chiselling are detected by Geoquip’s renowned linear magnetic cable sensor which is fixed to the surface of the wall to be protected.

The cable sensor incorporates a toughened outer sheath material which eliminates the need to install the sensor in a special conduit – a feature which other less effective sensor systems usually require. Removing the need for conduit also reduces the installation time greatly, making Impactor a truly fast-fix detection system, bringing about considerable cost savings for both the installer and end user.

Impactor is a significant advance in detection systems and supercedes older, more dated technology such as inertia switches and peizo-electric point sensors. In fact, it employs highly reliable electronic relays to give tried and tested intrusion detection without the false alarm problems associated with these older technologies.

What’s more, the sophisticated micro-controller technology ensures high performance and is used to analyse and process the signals from the cable sensor and simplify the adjustment and commissioning procedures.

  • For wall- and roof protection.
  • Superior performance against inertia sensors.
  • Provides detection of “Gross attack” to external walls
  • Easy to install and maintain

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