Roof detection

This system is activated due to pressure differences arise when there is one person runs over it. The detection mat consists of one ready made foil that is on it existing roof is laid. This mat is UV resistant and has a lifetime of 30 up to 40 years. Sit in the mat glass fibers. At it will enter the roof change the light spectrum. The analyzer will make this change analyze and an alarm
to generate. The system is called no problems with weather conditions, extreme temperature rises, electromagnetic disturbances and inductive charges caused by lightning strikes.

The moment a person stands on the secured part, followsimmediately an alarm message. This even before the burglar has made damage
on the facade or glazing. In this way the system has a number of important advantages:

  • Insensitive to external factors such as weather conditions, vegetations, etc.
  • the system is invisible and therefore difficult to manage sabotage.
  • Since it is invisible, it gives a particularly beautiful appearance end result.
  • Easy integration with each alarm, access control or CCTV system.
  • Maintenance free

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