Datalog 5

Datalog 5 is a modular software suite that operates as a single or multi user graphical user interface, providing local and remote site monitoring and control of building, fire, security and energy systems. Datalog assists in reducing risk and cost while maximising efficiency, situation awareness and accountability.

Managing these systems across multiple sites and complex building environments is a significant challenge, particularly monitoring thousands of circuits in the instance of simultaneous events.


As a single operating platform with just one database, Datalog eliminates the inefficiencies associated with managing control equipment as individual disparate systems.

* Events at a wide range of remote sites can be monitored and controlled quickly and effectively.

* System warnings, events and alarms are all clearly identified, prioritised, graphically located and visually verified with automatic CCTV video and audio to enable a more efficient and accountable response.

* Datalog provides an audit trail of events which includes a full history database. This can be linked to retrieve audio and video verification for each event

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